Communion, showing Fall 2016

Communion is a series of images loosely based on myth, folklore, and fairy tales. None of the images is meant to illustrate any known tale but rather to provide the viewer with a starting point for his/her own imagination and storytelling process.  

The vignettes are created by first hand-painting each element of the scene in watercolor, with no underdrawing.  I then photograph the element and use software to isolate it as a discrete unit that can be combined with other elements to create a scene.  This method allows me to stockpile elements to be re-used and reassembled in new configurations to create new vignettes, almost like having a troupe of actors to whom I can assign new roles in new plays.  As I move forward with this project, I will continue to add new elements to my inventory to expand the narrative possibilities. 

Please click on thumbnails to see larger versions.  Hover over the larger version for title, size, etc.