Kileigh Hannah: Halcyon Days, showing Spring/Summer 2018

The Gallery is pleased to present a new collection of nature-inspired abstract works on paper by Kileigh Hannah.  Raised in the midwest, Kileigh received her MFA and worked as an art teacher in Wisconsin before moving with her husband and son to Vermont several years ago.  She fell in love with the New England landscape and the works in Halcyon Days are an expression of that romance.  Kileigh says:

"My work is the result of playful exploration. It begins when a moment in nature stops me in my tracks and leads me to a state of awe. Often it is the intersection of two things existing in the same space that grabs my attention. It could be a mass of glittering rock carved by transparent water or the first spring blooms against a backdrop of clouds. Sometimes it is the fragment of a second when the clouds part and the light changes. I can be driving, walking down a wooded path, chatting with a friend, and suddenly there it is: the beautiful and majestic world we inhabit revealing itself to me. I get to revisit those experiences through the artistic process."

Kileigh uses varied materials, including pigmented and clear acrylic media, graphite, table salt, and homemade sodium borate crystals.  She incorporates both loose gesture and precise mark-making to capture the excitement of natural forms and forces.  Each work in this series represents a memory Kileigh wished to preserve of her halcyon days in the Vermont countryside.

Please click on thumbnails to see larger versions.  Hover over the larger version for title, size, etc.